The Candy Advent Calendar You Need To Get in 2021

The Candy Advent Calendar You Need To Get in 2021


Advent calendars are a magical Christmas tradition. Picture this: it’s a beautiful Sunday evening, one where you and your loved ones are exchanging stories by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, the kids, young and older, pour into the room and interrupt your conversation, asking to be allowed a treat. So you smile, and turn to Squish’s Christmas advent calendar, which is filled with sweet shareable gummies for all!

If the anticipation of a new treat awaiting you each day makes your holidays shine even just a little bit brighter, our festive advent calendar is the perfect gift for you, kids, adults and even coworkers. Ready to kick off the holidays with 24 Days of Candy? Then read on below.

First, what’s an advent calendar?

An advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent season in anticipation of Christmas.

While the origins of the advent calendar are rooted in religion, more and more calendars have appeared over the years with no spiritual basis behind them for counting down the arrival of Christmas Day. In these cases, you might find a calendar that features either a 12-day or 31-day countdown instead of the usual 24 days.

Are there different types of advent calendars?

Yes! Advent calendars come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some are simple paper Christmas advent calendars and others are more intricate boxes. However, most come with flaps covering each of the days leading up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, with compartments that hide surprise gifts in them.

Modern day advent calendars hold small gifts like chocolate, alcohol, makeup, ornaments, games, toys, perfume and even food. If you’re into pop culture like TV shows, you might even find a TV-themed advent calendar! But our advent calendar contains gourmet candy of course 😉.

Good to know! So, when does the advent calendar start?

We love your enthusiasm! The calendar countdown this year starts on Wednesday, December 1st 2021. Get one in time for the countdown here.

Because each day is numbered, the lucky kids who receive them won’t bug you every day to ask how many days are left until they can open the other presents underneath the Xmas tree.

What’s special about Squish’s candy advent calendar?

We’re glad you asked! Besides the fact that our wacky elves helped curate 24 of THE BEST Squish gummy candies to include in the advent calendar… Our candy box is:

️Designed using beautiful holiday and winter images 🎄

️Prewrapped and ready to gift 🎁

️Exciting to open (for small and big kids alike)

️Delicious and contains both classic + vegan candy 😋

Since our advent calendars sell out every year, we highly recommend grabbing one (or two!) before they’re all gone!

Other than the advent calendar tradition, which holiday tradition do you observe? Let us know in the comments

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday 💖

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