Find your ultimate gummy and TV show combo!

Find your ultimate gummy and TV show combo!

Nothing beats enjoying your favourite snack while watching a good show on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even Crave. Picture this: it’s Friday night, you had a wonderful dinner and are preparing to wind down with some snacks and a TV show marathon. Needless to say, our gourmet candies are a must-have during these types of occasions!

Best of all, we’ve got a selection of gummies for EVERY palate. That’s right, we’ve got sour gummies, spicy gummies, fruity gummies, Halloween candy and so much more.

Astrology lovers rejoice! Discover your ultimate gummy and TV show combination by referring to the handy chart below:

Share your results with us and other readers in the comment section below! But, if cool charts and astrology aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Discover some of our favourite gummies to snack on during the fall:


The zombies have exposed their skulls and we’ve harvested their brains! Treat yourself to our strawberry-flavoured gummies filled with gooey red filling that you won’t be able to stop thinking about. We don’t know about Bill Nye (the science guy), but we think eating brains definitely makes you smarter!



    Light up your Halloween night with insanely bright and deeply delicious neon worm candy. Warning: these gummies may give you the urge to do aerobics.

      Vegan Rainbow Belts

      These gummy strips trigger all the nostalgic feels. Besides the familiar look and taste, there’s also the texture and the sour crystals that all add up to a wonderful gummy experience!


      Vegan Shark Attack

      Can you hear the Jaws theme song? These gummies may look menacing but rest assured, they’re the coolest villain under the sea! Sink your teeth into these blueberry-flavoured gummies, which also feature real fruit pieces.

      Vegan Dinosours

      While dinosaurs are scary, these cute little creatures are anything but. These Vegan gummies boast strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and lime flavours. As if they weren’t already easy to fall in love with, our DinoSours have a sour bite to them!


      Whether you’re looking for one (or more) different sweet treats to have while re-watching your favourite shows or enjoying new and popular ones, we’ve got you covered at every click! 

      Right now, you can try 5 exciting flavours for only $28! Go wild and save on our selection of small bags.

      Enjoy this deal and don’t forget to comment below with your results from the above chart ⬇️


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