This one is for you moms | SQUISH Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This one is for you moms | SQUISH Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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At SQUISH, we like the unconventional. Same goes for celebrations like Mother’s Day, where we celebrate ALL the mother figures out there. Whether you’re saying “thanks, love you” to your relative, mom of the friend group, teacher or even your BFF’s mom, they deserve the world, and all the candy in it.

We’ve put together a few sweet recommendations of new mixes and re-imagined faves to gift the moms in your life. Nothing says “thank you for the rides home, late-night advice and honest outfit reviews” like premium gummies from SQUISH.

For the moms who love to treat themselves

There are many moms out there, and they all deserve to unwrap something delicious. This selection is for the do-it-all mom who can cure any cold and can still remember what happened last week on their shows. Kick your feet up, grab a sweet snack and relax. At least until the next crisis. 

Pucker Up – Mom is always up for a challenge. Let’s see how they do with this mix of our three most sour gummies, all together in a pre-wrapped triangle box.

Girls Night Out Mix – Throw on reruns of Sex and the City and watch mom let loose with 12 mini packs of our party-ready gummies. Perfect to bring to girls night, or snack on at home.

Small Bags – On the go? No worries. These resealable packs fit perfectly in any bag. (Red Roses and Cherry Watermelon are some of our best sellers!)

For the newly vegan mom

This one’s for the vegan moms that know they’re the coolest on the block. Take healthy but make it fun, that’s the motto. And this mom lives by it. Let them indulge in the sweetest vegan gummies around, maybe they’ll convert you too!

Supermom Mix – The name says it all… This mix has 12 mini packs of six super delicious vegan flavours, easy to share with the fam or keep all to yourself.

Vegan Sour Wine O’ Clock – These wine gummies are vegan and definitely get the party started. Rosé all day, a white for those hot days or perhaps a nice red for a relaxing evening? The choice is yours.

For the storyteller mom

How many fairytales did mom read you growing up? Time to repay the favour but with a gummy twist. This one’s for the dreamers who are always young at heart. 

Unicorn Dream Tube – A rainbow unicorn fantasy awaits. We’ll listen to that story again! Can’t decide where to start? Try them all with 16 individually wrapped cellos to discover the magical flavours we carry.

Vegan Magic – Why grow up when you can play with unicorns AND eat them? Seems logical to us. These vegan gummies come in apple, peach, strawberry & raspberry flavours.

Treat Yourself Gift Box – If anyone deserves to treat themselves, it’s mom. Better yet, you be the one to treat them! This gorgeous box holds 6 cellos of deliciously juicy gummies.

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For the mom who always fills your plate

Mom always makes sure your mouth, and plate, is full. Even to this day. This one’s to the snack queens and the pantry princesses. They may need bigger cupboard… 

Ultimate Sharing – Half for mom, half for you. This is the ultimate ‘thank you’ for years of delicious meals. Choose from the original box, vegan or cocktail that hold 40 packets of our fave gummies. 10 flavours, 4 of each!

Treat Yourself Jumbo Mix – Go big or go home. You’re guaranteed to earn nicest kid award by gifting mom 600g of our best-selling gummies and some funky surprised. 12 flavours, 24 individual packs, endless snacking potential.


Special shout out to Mother Nature for keeping us nourished, naturally. She’s really out there every day giving us exactly what we need to grow strong and healthy with the best ingredients. We use delicious flavours she made for us, from real fruit juice extract to natural colorant and real bits of fruit! AND she helps us make our vegan candies. Thanks Mother Nature! We owe you big time. 

We wish ALL the moms out there the happiest, brightest and sweetest Mother’s Day no matter how, or who, you’re celebrating.

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