Somewhere Over the SQUISH Rainbow!

Somewhere Over the SQUISH Rainbow!

Our DIY Rainbow Kit is nothing less than a dream come true.

Rainbows are a central part of the SQUISH DNA. They’re an everyday miracle that brightens our lives and fills us with wonder and possibility! We love rainbows so much, in fact, that we set out to create a rainbow that you can taste—enter our DIY Rainbow Kit! This mix of gummies will enchant your next kids’ birthday, baby shower, office party, batchelorette party and beyond with vivid colours and flavour to match! Not to mention, a gummy rainbow is a thoughtful and creative gift idea for all the candy lovers in your life.

What’s in a Rainbow?

SQUISH offers a whole spectrum of gummy colours to bring your rainbow to life! Our Vegan Alien Invasion gummies will lock down your yellows, greens, and purple hues. The shades of our Baby Elephants mix will also bring some softer shades to the equation, while Fruit Punch and Rainbow Bear mixes offer bold colour (and awesome flavour!). Rounding off the colour palette with Unicorn Love and Vegan Cranapple hearts. Here’s our full recipe for success!

  • Alien Invasion
  • Baby Elephants
  • Fruit Punch
  • Mini Rainbow Bears
  • NSA Shark Attack
  • NSA Mango Maracuja
  • Rainbow bears
  • Unicorn Love
  • Vegan Cranapple Heart

A Match Made in Heaven!

Now that you’ve got all your colours sorted out, it’s time to put it all together. Open up your small bags and let the colourful treats pour! Just try to not eat too many gummies before your rainbow is complete—You’ll want to save your appetite for the big reveal when your edible rainbow has fully taken shape!

Now it’s Your Turn

You’ve got the lowdown on how to put your gummy rainbow together. Now it’s  time to get to work! Luckily you’ve got some awesome SQUISH deals that can help make the process economical as well as super fun: Pick up 5 small bags for $36.75 or 5 small bags + 5 buckets (and stickers!) for only $45.75. You also have the option of buying individual bags of 140g at $7.25 each. This will give you the perfect head start for turning your gummy dreams into reality!


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