Isn’t That Sweet? It’s the SQUISH Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Isn’t That Sweet? It’s the SQUISH Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

We get it, Mother’s day gifting can sometimes be a little on the tricky side. Every mom is different, and it’s hard to keep your ideas fresh and exciting year after year. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some ideas suited for many different kinds of moms! Whether you’re shopping for the ultimate minimalist or the mom who loves adventures, SQUISH is here to help out!

For the Self-Care Lover

Who doesn’t love a basketful of goodies? This all-time fave is guaranteed to put a smile on mom’s face. To pull it off, simply grab a nice basket or tote bag, and fill it up with carefully-selected essentials suited to your mom’s taste. Pro tip: Consider adding her go-to skincare products or a nice perfume, as well as some season-appropriate gummy flavours such as our Cherry Watermelon Crush. To add a little pop to your goodie basket, add in a nice bottle of champagne, or some high-grade coffee beans. While you’re at it, throw in our refined Vegan Sparkling Bears. The most important thing is for the gift to be heartfelt, so don’t forget to add in a personalized card or note to express just how much you care.

For the Minimalist

Not all moms love the glitz and glam of Mother’s day. Instead, they prefer kind gestures and may even insist that you don’t get them anything. In this case, just opt for some simple but effective gift ideas. Fresh roses (or any flower of her preference) are always a good move. Crank it up a notch by adding some of our flower-inspired goodies, Red Roses (we also have our Vegan Red Roses for all the Vegan moms out there!). Another option is to add a SQUISH gift card to your offering, so mom can pick out her own faves without feeling too pampered!

For the Active Mom

Does your mom prefer a nice long hike or bike ride over Sunday brunch? If that’s the vibe, we can help plan out her dream Mother’s day! First up: Surprise her by taking her to a trail she hasn’t hiked before. Make sure to pack some reusable water bottles, sandwiches for the road, plus some Vegan Avocado Dreaming for the ultimate post-hike reward as you’re watching the sunset! To help your mom recharge after the big day, you can also offer a basket of bath goodies—the perfect way to unwind after an action-packed day.

For the Home Improver

If your mom is a fanatic for all things interior design, we have got some ideas to send your way! A really pretty side table is always an appreciated accessory. Or how about a vintage lamp, or a beautiful painting? A coffee table book is also a top notch gift idea to accentuate the great indoors! To accompany this, consider our cube collection—the Red Roses Clear Cube, Cherry Watermelon Crush Pink Cube or Black Cherry Pink Cube . These gummy-filled cubes look beautiful as decorative pieces, but the adorable box can also be used to store small knick knacks such as jewelry. These aesthetically-pleasing household additions are guaranteed to make the home decor-loving mom feel extra special on Mother’s Day!

  We understand that finding a creative and inspiring Mother’s Day gift is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Remember that if you keep things simple and stick to your mom’s core interests, you can never go wrong! Oh, and throwing some delicious gummies into the mix is never a bad idea! While you’re at it, let your mom know that our little packets are 100% recyclable, and opt for reusable tote or basket when you’re doing your gifting, to keep things both fun and eco-conscious! We hope our little guide has helped you with your Mother’s Day shopping—remember that Moms know best! Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms Know Best! Just Ask Our CEO Sarah:
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