Beat the Cold With 5 Winter Activities. Just in Time for Vday!

Beat the Cold With 5 Winter Activities. Just in Time for Vday!

The weather may be colder, but lucky for you we have rounded up some of the hottest activities you can do this winter! Whether you’re plotting a romantic Valentine’s Day outing or a lowkey hangout with your besties, here are five super fun ideas to spice up your winter—best believe our yummy candies are along for the ride!

Activity #1: Take a walk!

 (ft. Gummy Love mix)
As you know, staying active is super important, all year round. But we get it—sometimes fresh air doesn’t feel so hot when it’s freezing cold outside. What if we told you that you can add a little pep in your step with the help of our latest candy mix sensation, Gummy Love!? It’s basically a proven fact that this mix of five gummies, which includes our super spicy Chili Ginger Hearts, makes walking in a winter wonderland that much more pleasant. And if you’re rolling with your squad, this mix has plenty of goods to go around!


Activity #2: Candy skewers! (ft. at least 3-5 different gummies)

 Looking for a fun indoor pastime that also happens to be totally delicious? Look no further than the candy skewer! This simple and tasty activity is great to do with kids, friends, or your Valentine. Stock up on 3-5 of your fave SQUISH flavours, and treat yourself to the ultimate luxe candy snack. Check out our tutorial to get the full scoop!

Activity #3: Go Skating!

with friends at a local outdoor rink (ft. sour peach hearts)
Skating is pretty high up there when it comes to fun winter activities. Just ask our team member Steve, who recently went skating at a local outdoor rink! Instead of opting for the classic hot chocolate after all the fresh air and exercise, they decide to settle in with a bag of our Vegan Red Roses. That’s winter done right in our books!


Activity #4 Make a Card—and Make it Sweet!

@squishcandies What makes V-Day special? Candy of course!! ❤️🍭😍 #candygram #vday2022❣️ #foryoup #candylover #giftideas ♬ Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Rod Stewart
Looking for a little extra something to make your Vday card that much more special? Look no further than delicious candy! Add a personalized note and a festive ribbon to your gummy of choice—it’s the surefire way to hit your valentine right in the feels—and the tastebuds!

Activity #5 Make a Snack Mix!

Valentine’s Day is all about exchanging sweet nothings...why not crank it up a notch with our holiday snack mix? The ingredients are simple—combine mini pretzels, pink chocolate drops, cherry watermelon crush, square-shaped corn cereal and coconut chips. Adding a cup of each and mixing it all up in a bowl is a simple and effective way of preparing a delicious treat for yourself or a special someone! Find the full tutorial here: 
As you can tell, there is no shortage of ways to spread good vibes and keep up your morale even when the weather is on the chilly side. Make the most of winter and Vday season with a little help from the greatness of SQUISH. Enjoy!


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