Prepare for Gift-Off! 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Prepare for Gift-Off! 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


‘Tis the season of giving! Whether you’re showing your appreciation with gifts for friends and family or simply taking a little moment to indulge in yourself, the SQUISH candy workshop is serving up sweet treats that are guaranteed to crank up the holiday spirit. Our gourmet candy is a gifting option that is loved by everyone—Santa will be lowkey jealous that he didn’t think of it first.

Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes you just need a little extra oomph to make sure that the stocking you are prepping for your kids, friends, family takes their breath away (and makes their mouth water!).

Small bags : If you have more than one stocking to stuff, our selection of small bags is the ultimate holiday solution! Limited run holiday flavors such as Cranberry Elderberry and Blizzard Bears ensure that the flavors stay festive.


Office Secret Santa

Santa mode: ON! It’s the time of year for office Secret Santa festivities, and our gourmet candy has a reputation of stealing the show.

Vegan Gummy Cheer Mix: This mix of gummies includes all-time faves like the Vegan Sparkling Bears and Mini Vanilla Marshmallows—AND they’re all Vegan, so you can please everyone when doing Santa’s work.

You’re the best: Can you name a better way of showing appreciation for your dear colleagues than with a box full of gourmet candy? We’ll wait.


Friends’ X-Mas Party

The holiday party don’t start til the SQUISH candy walks in. When you’re getting together with friends this holiday season, don’t forget to bring the sweetest plus-one ever: our gummies!

Treat Yourself Jumbo Mix: Who needs a DJ when you have the ultimate mix right here? This bag offers 12 flavours in 24 individually-wrapped packs, and features Vegan options so everyone can get in on the fun.

S’mores Bears: Move over, chestnuts. These marshmallow goodies are the only thing you’ll want to roast over an open fire at your next friends’ gathering.

Life of the Party Mix: Whip out a bag of these fun gummies at your next holiday gathering and watch the crowd go wild! Including superstars such as Rainbow Bears, Sparkling Bears, and Cranberry Elderberry.


Cheers to the Host/Hostess

How about a toast to the hosts and hostesses that graciously help us gather for holidays? Better yet, how about a round of gummy delights!?

Vegan Sparkling Bears Bottle: Get down to fizz-ness with this lovely keepsake bottle containing Vegan Sparkling Bears in white wine and rosé flavours! The ultimate way to show your appreciation (and hopefully get in on some of the deliciousness).

Good Vibes Tube: Who says tokens of appreciation can’t be yummy? Not only is this tube filled with a combo of vegan Sour Rainbow Bears & Fruity Jelly Beans, but it also comes in an ultra-cute packaging that makes the perfect holiday offering!

Unicorn Dream Tube: Make holiday dreams come true with this whimsical combo of popular gummies such as Unicorn Love, Vegan Magic, Sparkling Roses, and more!


Vegan Favourites

When it comes to Vegan candy, we’re not playing any reindeer games! Our variety of options make sure that you can give the gift of SQUISH to everyone.

New Vegan Cranapple Hearts: Vegans rejoice! A new cranapple-flavored gummy is here to steal your hearts, just in time for the holidays. 

New Vegan Ice Cubes: Take this one on the rocks—these Vegan ice cube gummies are cooler than the North Pole wind!

Vegan Gummy Cheer Mix: This Vegan gummy mix is the gift that keeps on giving good vibes. With six different flavors to choose from, the only hard part is deciding when to stop digging in.

 As you can tell, there is no shortage of ways to spread holiday cheer here at SQUISH. Hopefully this gift guide has sparked your imagination, and maybe even your appetite! Whether you’re in the thick of gift shopping or simply want to re-up on yummy snacks, we invite you to shop our wide gummy selection, and wish you very happy holidays!

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